WIRES has been exhibited at Saatchi Gallery (London), ArtScience Museum (Singapore), Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore. A video version was featured at VIVID SYDNEY as the Wires Project by jazz musicians Briana Cowlishaw and Gavin Ahearn.

WIRES, an ongoing project, began in 2011 on a visit to Bangkok. The wires (cables) transporting electricity, telephone and internet transmissions are a hallmark of many countries in Asia – such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Japan, Philippines, etc.

WIRES is an evolving body of work on several levels.

  • The phenomenology of perception—the be-ing of seeing
  • Human communication
  • Abstract Art


Criticised by residents and tourists as evidence of how under-developed are these cities – these wires are seen to despoil the cityscape. Some residents I met were embarrassed by these cables.

In time to come, I started observing these wires featured on designer tee-shirts, souvenirs, and art works. Thus, with a different set of eyes, there lies in these WIRES graphic beauty, the power to evoke emotions, even an element of wit.

What beauty do we miss in the mundane landscape of everyday life? What does a person need to change in their way of be-ing to see 'art' where previously they saw ugliness?

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