FLORAE is a personal project initially inspired by Japanese Ikebana and Zen art. I’ve drawn on the Ikebana concept of minimalism; using a found form instead of one that was created; and following lines formed by the stems. In Ikebana, the arrangements express an aesthetic balance; where, importantly, the empty space surrounding the subject gives body to the subject: silence speaks louder, emptiness ‘full-fills’.

One aspiration of artists in their Ikebana arrangement is to reflect Nature.

FLORAE is my take on the question: What if Nature itself were the creator of the arrangement… what would that ‘Ikebana’ arrangement look like?

All these photographs were captured in-situ, i.e., in their natural environment, against the sky which was then removed in post-production.

(To be sure, this series was inspired by Ikebana, and is not a literal attempt at Ikebana.)

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